Egyptian Hero to the Rescue in Tabuk Incident

Heroic deeds, small or huge, leave an impact on people. A couple days ago, an Egyptian resident in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, proved how courageous and sharp Egyptians can be.

An incident took place at a gasoline station, where a car caught fire and was threatening to blow up the gas station. With many attempts of Saudis to tamp down the fire—and the provoking act where people stood, watched and took photos—the flames would’ve clearly caused their demise. Withal, the champion of the day stepped up and treated the situation perfectly, subduing the damage.

Jamal Bayuomi, using a bulldozer, moved the burnt car away from the petrol station and saved the day. Puzzled by his heroic actions, people chanted praise for him and afterwards he was honored by the governor of Tabuk, Fahd bin Sultan Al Saud. Jamal was also mentioned on Twitter several times and praised by the Saudi fire department.

It is truly remarkable that in the middle of controversies between the people of KSA and Egypt over political matters, such acts can definitely push everything aside and allow chivalry to conquer the day.