Ice Cream, The Good, The Bad and The Weird

I’m not a summer person at all and I really hate all the heat and the sweating and I don’t even like swimming so there’s basically nothing for me in summer at all, or is there? The one thing that makes all winter, spring and autumn people endure the terrible sun rays and gives us the power to face summer bravely, ICE CREAM.

We’re all used to vanilla, chocolate, mango and strawberry but there are some other flavors around the world that represent the best, the worst and the weirdest ice cream flavors anyone could imagine and because somebody’s rubbish could be someone else’s treasure, I’ve decided not to say which is which and just leave you guys tell us your opinions.

Rum Raisin

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The alcoholic taste of rum combined with the thickness of molasses and dried raisins

New York Super Fudge Chunk

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Chocolate ice cream holding white and dark fudge chunks carrying pecans, almonds and walnuts.


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I won’t even say the ingredients of this one

Green Tea
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One of Japan’s most popular flavors containing green tea and….wait that’s it?

Roman Raspberry

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I don’t even know what Roman raspberries are!


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Also known as Eskimo ice cream, Akutaq is a mixture between blueberries, cloudberries, animal fat and animal, vegetable and sea oil


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A butter or chocolate flavored ice cream filled with chunks of lobster.

Breast Milk

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I know I said I wouldn’t say my opinion, but WHAT THE ACTUAL [email protected]#K?!

Black Raspberry with Chocolate Chips

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The name already says it all

Campfire S’mores

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Vanilla ice cream filled with marshmallow, cookie butter and dark chocolate chunks

In the end we all love ice cream in all its forms.. or do we?