The Best 8 Tents You Must Visit Before Ramadan 2017 Ends

The countdown just started. No matter how much we wait upon Ramadan hand and foot with all the lively busy streets and kinetic spirit, it passes in a blink of an eye! That’s why we plumped for the best Tents for Ramadan 2017 so as to enjoy every single last bit of it.


3al Tawla – Galleria40

Hosted by the ostentatious Sheikh Zayed’s Galleria40 for the second consecutive year, 3al Tawla is absolutely one of the most superb sohour experiences this Ramadan. The scrumptious food coming from a large assortment of restaurants to choose from accompanied with a plenty of live entertaining performances.

For reservations and more information: 0111-300-5140
3al tawla


Welad El Zawat – JW Marriott Hotel

Enjoying sohour with the intimate air waft is never a bad idea. Welad El Zawat offers a terrific sohour at the outstanding Clubhouse Terrace along with an extremely delicate buffet.

For reservations and more information: 02-24115588

welad el zawat


Si Omar – Fairmont Heliopolis

Proven to be one of the most authentic preferred tents for the last few years, Si Omar offers a spectacular sohour night. The breezy atmosphere by the pool provides those chilly vibes needed after iftar accompanied with two main set menus and lively familiar Ramadan spirit.

For reservations and more information: 16989

si omar 2


Bab Al Qasr – Royal Maxim Palace Kempenski

Being held for two straight years, Bab Al Qasr transpires with an engaging Ramadan atmosphere we surely seek. Together with an inviting Oriental buffet, live performances also take place to make your night unforgettable.

For reservations and more information: 010-9711-1151

Bab al qasr 2


Lanterns – Uptown Cairo

With one of the finest views from Uptown Cairo’s Clubhouse, Lanterns offers an overwhelming outdoors sohour experience under the stars. A great atmosphere escorted with a vast variety of sohour options and weekend live performances. Lanterns certainly is what you seek for a lively Ramadan night.

For reservations and more information:16129



Wust El Balad – The Nile Ritz-Carlton

For its second year, Wust El Balad plumes a magnificent setting equipped with the Oriental Ramadan spice. An elevated sohour experience along with a plenty of amusing live performances that will definitely ignite your warm Ramadan night.

For reservations and more information: 02-25778899


wust el balad 2


3al Nile – Fairmont Nile City

The staggering Nile view provides the most splendid sohour breezy night ever. With its spectacular view, 3al Nile offers an unrestrained food variety simultaneously with a sophisticated classy atmosphere.

For reservations and more information: 012-1121-6666

3al nile



Laialy Ramadan – Hilton Alexandria Corniche

Ramadan’s ambiance in Alexandria can never be neglected. Laialy Ramadan, hosted by Hilton Corniche, boasts with its great entertaining program and toothsome yummy dishes. A memorable sohour night that you’ll always have on the brain.

For reservations and more information: 03-4209120

laialy ramadan

Now you can enjoy your Ramadan Nights!