Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila is banned from Jordan, again.

The five members Lebanese indie rock band got banned for the second year in a row to perform in Amman, Jordan.

The concert was supposed to take place on the 27th of June, and got cancelled later on by the decision of the Jordanian Ministry of Interior.

The government there decided to ban the band forever, although it has held several shows before in the country.

The ban is due to the band addressing the themes of repressed freedom, religion, sex, the patriarchal oppression of men and women, and other themes concerning the most basic human rights, which are all considered to be contradicting and dangerous to the Jordanian society according to the government.

In a long post on their Facebook official page, the band expressed their shock in being banned for the second time after being invited again, and their anger towards the government of Jordan which claims to support all kinds of freedom and human rights, while actions show the complete opposite. They also expressed their disappointment and regret to their Jordanian fans, saying “We are terribly disheartened and sorry for our audience that this is happening again. We were extremely excited to return and play our music to our audience, friends and families who live in Jordan, and have been our foremost advocates since the band’s conception.” Although they received some death threats in the past few days, these young Lebanese musicians still insist on delivering their message around the world, and will always aim for a better and a less fanatic future.