Highlights of 2017: What Took Over Social Media In The Past 6 Months

Time flies, do you even believe that six months have passed from 2017 already? And in those six months there were some trends that you most probably don’t remember right now. Take a look if you don’t believe me.

  • January


Salt Bae: With the beginning of the new year everyone saw this meme that took over the internet by storm! It all started when Turkish Chef now known as Salt Bae shared a video of him as he sprinkles salt on a steak he’ve cooked, this video gained over 2 million views in its first days. That’s where the everything started and the game is still on till this day, people use it for “No one cares” memes or adding Trump’s face as he responds to his haters or “How to win an argument” a lot and lot have been said over this meme that do actually make sense!


  • February

Helmna wahed: The day this song was published was the final of CAF, where every Egyptian went down the streets before the game started to buy flags and went to watch the game with some friends or family, but they went back home with the flags down and the saddest faces took over. Instead of listening to the song happily, we all ended up with tears. Hopefully we will listen to this song once again with joy tears when we qualify for the World Cup 2018, bas ehna n2oul Yarab.


Messi Comes to Egypt: Tour n Cure invited Messi to attend an event to raise awareness for the treatment of Hepatitis C, the luckiest ones where able to attend with invitations and a VIP one can make you have a picture with him, but other than that he was surrounded by bodyguards through all his tour even his visit to the Pyramids the whole area was clear for him! His foundation also contributed in donation for the Organization to help “Stop the wait”.


La La Land wins the Oscar for Best picture for 2 minutes:  La La Land was mistakenly awarded for best picture by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty wow.. this one was really embarrassing, imagine the excitement you get over such victory and it only lasts for 2 minutes? It’s like scoring a goal in the 90th minute and the flag goes up for an offside! Jordan Horowitz then took over the stage to announce the real winner which was Moonlight, and from here started all the laughs on social media as some people photoshopped Steve Harvey’s face over Jordan’s body, this one was hysterically funny.


  • March:


The Historical Remontada: As a Catalan I can absolutely tell you how this day was spent, the shock of Roberto’s goal was unbelievable, all Catalans were suddenly crying tears of joy rather than sadness! Everyone’s reaction on social media was speechless, no one thought this could happen after Cavani netting the fifth, but the Catalans added to the lists of proofs  that nothing is ever impossible in football!

Will Smith visit to Egypt: The pictures of him at the Pyramids were all posted and everyone tried to guess his next move and hoped they’d meet him. Will Smith stated that he had such really great time with the archaeologist Zahi Hawas as they both visited the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum. Some citizens were able to take pictures with him and his family.

  • April


13 reasons why: The series based on the best-selling novel by Jay Asher who is now getting ready for a sequel to make a second season due to the buzz it caused on social media in season one. Everyone was looking for answers! At the first season, the series won the show of the year for MTV Movie and TV awards for 2017! Netflix announced with a small teaser last month that there will be a second season soon.


  • May


Despacito: Suddenly everyone knew how to speak Spanish! Justin Bieber’s touch to the song gave it a great hit on  social media! I guess because a little English could always help. We’ve all seen memes taking over Facebook, some of them including Hamada Helal singing the song. There were also some really nice covers done by Conor Maynard, Maxi Espindola and Agustin Bernasconi and some nice videos done by famous viners trying to sing it, but the best they could get was Pasito Pasito Suave Suavecito, well that’s the best anyone whose zero level in Spanish could reach..

  • June

Untitled design (3)

Finally June, or Ramadan! The number of trends taking over this month is unquantifiable. Everyone agrees that Carrier’s ad is one of the best this year, but Estany ya Rania, khalena nes2al elas2ela elmohema.. who’s Mona?!

And Oufa, the guy who represents each and every “Akher el 3an2oud” in an Egyptian family, the one who does everything and is never appreciated; el mahadsh bey3mlo hesab..

For me the funniest ad was Midea’s “eh elgamal da?” seriously the two Midea ads are hands down my favorite ones this year! You can never stop watching it everytime it comes across you while scrolling down your newsfeed, and it comes A LOT, everyone I know is sharing this! “Eh da! da 3eed milady” “El box hayetkalbsh wala eh” Honestly I’ve never laughed over a TV ad as much as this one!

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Let’s be serious for a bit. An appreciation paragraph should be written for Ahmed Malek and Mohamed Mamdouh, who left us in tears in episodes 14 and 15 in La Totf2 Elshams with an outstanding performance from both stars. They left all viewers with tears at the end of the episode, Ahmed Malek finally played the role he deserves! He was able to make a huge hit on the social media and he could shut up all critics and haters with his astonishing performance in episode 14. We are all now certain that a star is coming.

Mohamed Mamdouh is Egypt’s finest hidden gem! He has given us all goosebumps in episode 15 with his stunning performance. I loved the way he tried to act, talk and even dress like Adam, how he suddenly transformed to the hilarious, loving and caring figure that his brother was! Mamdouh paved his way to success with his famous scene in Grand Hotel  and he continues his road with his role as Ahmed in La Totf2 El Shams.

Oh, and a final message from us to Gamila’s family and friends; Mal3oun abou el Nas El 3ozaz, just leave the girl alone!


The year has not come to an end yet, and we already have a lot that topped the trends over the last months! What’s next, 2017?