Ramy Essam’s New Album Is Coming With Universal Music MENA

The revolutionary Egyptian singer Ramy Essam announced the release of his new album “Resala Ela Magles el Amn” or “A Message to the Security Council” after months of releasing a single carrying the same name. Essam has released a collection of singles that were very popular in Egypt’s underground society following his last studio album “Mamnou'” and his collaboration with the band “Eks” in releasing their first album carrying the same name of the band.

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The new album is going to be a mix between hard rock and classic oriental beats, a combination that has been presented to us many times by Ramy before.

People who recognize the name Ramy Essam even distantly surly know Essam’s political views and how he has been opposing the regime since day one. He was one of the iconic figures of the revolution of January 25th that he was called “The Revolution’s Singer”. You’ll find that he has been singing about freedom in lots of his songs which reflects his personal ideology.

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His thoughts of liberation don’t stop with Egypt, Essam has recently been singing about global topics like the internal issues happening in Lebanon in his single “Beirut ma Betmout“. He also released a song called “The Camp” in collaboration with PJ Harvey which aims to raise awareness about health, education and well-being issues of displaced children in the Beqaa Valley. The artists contributing in this song have announced that they will be donating all net profit from the track to Beyond Association in Beqaa Valley, an NGO that provides support to the kids through art therapy and neuro-physiotherapy.
Ramy’s album is to be released on Friday June 23rd 2017 with Universal Music MENA on digital platforms for everyone to have access to it.

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