This Guy Proves That Starting A Cycle Of Good Deeds Costs Nothing

Good people still exist and the proof is a young man who decided to make good use of Coca-Cola’s new campaign E3raf Baldak which seeks to promote domestic tourism in Egypt.

Ahmed Amin won a trip to Siwa which he decided to offer to a newlywed couple who can’t afford such having a honeymoon in such a destination. Then he decided to unite forces with ASCC for Help -which is a student club responsible for the charity work of the MIU students- and together they can motivate more people to do the same and reach a larger number of young couples.

Thanks to the power of the social media, Coca-Cola knew about this young man’s idea and decided to make 10 newlyweds happy by offering them 10 trips to the most beautiful places in Egypt, and that was just the beginning of the whole thing.

It seemed like everyone decided to spread happiness in this holy month as Elaraby Group decided to offer 10 washing machines and fridges to 10 lucky newlyweds and Felicita Wedding Planning joined in and decided to offer 10 lucky brides their wedding dresses, photo sessions, makeup and decor as well.

More freelancers and independent photographers, makeup artists and even people who can only help with money decided to join and offered help in the comments of the posts.

You think that’s all? Ahmed then chose to tease more companies to join and he managed to get Oriental weavers to take part of his campaign!

Try to spread happiness between people no matter what because a simple act of kindness can change someone’s life.