Telephonophobia and How to Get Over It

Woman Frightened by Phone --- Image by © Ocean/Corbis

The term telephonophobia, as named, is a form of social anxiety where one suffers extreme fear of making phone calls.  Don’t worry you are not alone! This phobia is actually really common between many people, but due to the stigma around it, it is unheard of.

First recognizing that you are phone phobic is the major step in learning to overcome it. For instance, you fight with your siblings and friends when ordering food because you won’t be the one making the call, ever, Otlob is your life saviour, and you just hate it when you’re texting someone and they call instead. That might not be very significant, but some people have it stronger than others.

It’s okay if you feel like you have these signs. But for some cases it’s so severe that they might miss out on an opportunity because they couldn’t take a call from a strange number or they sounded hesitant, if you’re one of them then you need a solution. Hey, that’s no problem! By trying the following tips and tricks, you can be the next phone pro!

 1) Prepare ahead:



Preparation is key when it comes to phone calls. Make sure that you are aware what kind of questions you are going to ask before you actually pick up the phone and start talking. Are you applying for a new job? Then you should, for example, ask about how you could get there and the papers needed for the interview. Are you ordering food? Then you can ask about their special offers or newly introduced meals. Either way, thinking about the questions you are going to ask can help ease the awkwardness of long pauses.


2) Listen:


Now that you have expressed your enquiries, it is so important to actually listen to what they are saying. I know that it may be difficult to stop worrying about what to say next but at this point, listening may provide you with valuable information. Imagine if you were not listening to what they have just said, the whole purpose of the phone call would be lost. Just like that!


3) Don’t stop:


Making phone calls because the only way you can really get over your fear is to confront it. Staying in your comfort zone forever may seem like a good idea till you have to face the real world. Grasp every opportunity you have and only text when necessary. Yes I know that texting is how everyone communicates these days but this will only make your case worse! So make sure you are making phone calls and soon enough, it will all be a piece of cake!