5 Student Clubs That Will Help You With Self-Development

Between the busy school/college life and the crazy time you face after you graduate there’s a small space for you that you can use for self development, character building, getting real experience and making lifetime friends. Yes we’re talking about student activities.

You’ll definitely find a couple of small clubs in your university to choose from, but there are also some big clubs around Egypt that aren’t associated to only university, but are open to anyone who has the title “student” and here are some of them.



Short for International Student Leadership Conference, ISLC is one of the biggest clubs amongst Egypt. Composed of 2 sections, the Organizing Committee which is divided into 8 main groups, and the Academic Committee which is divided into 8 workshops. ISLC aims to help students explore their potentials and expand their way of thinking and affecting the world around them. Participants choose a workshop and attend sessions on weekly basis in the AUC where they discuss different subjects and make group projects related to the workshop they chose, and in the end, a 5 day conference is held where people from every workshop mingle and work on a project together where everyone shares what they’ve learnt in their workshop with everyone else.



A major international youth organization that doesn’t only target students, but also college fresh graduates. AIESEC contain lots of different self development programs which aim to work on youth’s leadership and practical skills, the skills that are meant to help them improve their environment and their communities. They also offer international internships for young people to explore and understand other cultures and lifestyles.



In case it’s not already obvious from the name, Artkhana means the home of art. Artkhana is an organization founded by a group of friends who believed in the soul of art living inside Egypt’s youth awaiting for a chance to reveal itself to everyone. Different forms of art take a huge part of their life so they use art to do charity work for those whose hearts need some bright colors. You will find a place for yourself in their workshops if you’re an amateur artist looking to improve your skills as a painter, a musician or a photographer.

Simulation Councils


This one’s a bit different as it’s not just one club, it’s more like several ones having the same concept but with small differences. Model councils are simulations to governmental conferences like the American Congress, the United Nations and the European Union where participants are assigned to represent a country and talk about a specific topic imitating that country’s ideas and policies and defending themselves against other countries. Those councils are found in almost every university but they’re also open for outcomers from other universities and for high school students.

Start Off


Originally powered by AIESEC, Start Off is a conference made specifically for high school students approaching college. The conference focuses on helping students learn all what they need to know and get a jump start with college life in perspectives of deciding the major, knowing how to choose a suitable university and adapting with the university’s lifestyle. Students stay in a hotel for 3 consecutive days where the sessions explaining everything take place.

Of course there are tons of other clubs but it’s up to you to choose if you’re interested in joining one, not interested in the idea itself or maybe interested enough to join them all. But take it from us, give ’em a try!