Desserts You Should Definitely Try Before Ramadan is Over

One week has passed from the holy month, Ramadan, and you have (hopefully) now got used to the long hours of fasting and stuffing yourself with too much food after Maghrib. It is quite a tradition here in the Middle East that several kinds of desserts are served after Iftar as well. There is always room for more!

Now some of our traditional desserts have evolved and glorified with every Ramadan while others remained the same. Either way, here are some desserts that you should not miss out this Ramadan and where you can find them!

PS: The desserts below are listed randomly, we love all those calories equally!

Konafa Nutella- Nutopia


The traditional Konafa topped or filled with Nutella will leave your mouth watering! Konafa was originally sold with cream, nuts or honey but this Nutella addition has brought the Konafa’s game to the next level. After all, Nutella makes everything better!

Konafa with Mango Ice-cream- Sultana


That’s the real deal! This unique topping is something we have never seen before. Considering how Sultana is the master of ice cream, we can’t wait to try this Konafa.

Lo2met el Kady/ Zalabia  – Latino


These are ultimate balls sent from heaven! These deep-fried dough balls that were originally soaked in any type of syrup or topped with powdered sugar now come in white and milk chocolate. They are worth every calorie if you ask me!

Basbousa – Sale` Sucre`

This sweet-sweet dessert is a personal favorite (thanks grandma). I love this cakey-structured dessert, I love it when it’s topped with nuts, and I believe that the way Sale` Sucre` serves it with red velvet and caramel with dates will make it crazily delicious!


Golash With Crème-Nola Cupcakes

Yes, you read that right! The cupcake heaven, Nola, went oriental and surprised us with multiple items this year. Golash with crème is one of them. Since Golash is crispy and dry on its own, adding crème to it softens and sweetens it to make it possible to indulge after fasting.