The Young Generation Is Taking Over La Totfe2 El Shams And It’s Quite Spectacular

After the huge success of Grand Hotel last year, Egypt’s beloved Tamer Habib took it upon himself to bring us a modern version of Ihsan Abd El-Kodous’ very famous La Totfe2 El Shams this Ramadan. As a fan of the movie done based on this story, and a huge fan of Ahmed Ramzy to be specific, I was a bit scared at first but apparently they proved me wrong. With only 6 episodes that aired so far, I can clearly say that I love this way too much. The casting is on point, the cinematography is pure art and the script is very well written. But out of all the things that I liked, one thing caught my attention more than anything else; the young generation.

  • Ahmed Malek


The 21-year-old actor has proved his talent from day one. But this year he proved that what we’ve seen is only the tip of the iceberg. Malek matured as an actor so fast and his role as Adam in La Totfe2 El Shams proves it. The character was portrayed by Egyptian legend Ahmed Ramzy before, which set the bar high for critics to judge Malek, so far he’s been up to expectations and I believe that this is a turning point in his career.

  • Jamila Awad



Using Jamila’s talent to add to the beauty of La Totfe2 El Shams is a very smart move. Mohammed Awad’s granddaughter is playing Ayah, a young musician who got romantically involved with her music teacher. The role was portrayed by Faten Hamama in the movie which makes it challenging to the young actress, however, Jamila managed to do the character very well. Jamila is still taking baby steps in her career as an actress, yet, she’s taking them in the smartest way possible. Way to go Jamila!

  • Mohamed El-Sharnouby


Where do I even begin? Sharnouby is a multi-talented rising star. He doesn’t only act, he sings as well and he mastered both! Sharnouby starred in many series and movies before and he never failed us, not even once. Going by that pace, we expect that he’ll be one of the most important actors in the scene very soon.

  • Amro Saleh


You loved him as Yousef in Hekayat Banat, Karim in Wahed Sahih and Emad in Tariqy. Amro knows how to hit the nerve that hurts; he uses his talent to make you actually feel something which is the purest form of art! Amro just made his first appearance in La Totfe2 El Shams in today’s episode and we expect some drama between his character and Ayah. Hold your tissues, girls.

  • Mariam Al-Khosht


The make-up addict and animal lover made an appearance in this Ramadan’s hit series as well. And to be fair, the girl seems to have potential and passion to go big! I loved how she’s doing the role smoothly, I didn’t for a second feel that she’s acting; I felt like I’m hearing the story from my friend which is very good for someone starting! I just really do love watching her scenes with Mohamed Mamdouh.

  • Mai El-Gheity


Mai plays Adam’s hilarious lover who lives in Abdeen, cooks him betengan and makes us laugh whenever she’s on screen. We expect that the character will grow in the next few episodes and the problems between Habiba, Adam and Habiba’s brother will arise. Keep the tissues you got for Ayah’s love triangle, you’ll need them.

I could spend days talking about the beauty of La Totfe2 El Shams, thanks to every single person who participated in the making of this piece of art.