Things That Represent Ramadan Nowadays

Ramadan has come, and alongside with it came joy, happiness and the spiritual mood. But besides those things Ramadan is now remembered with some other stuff too, some stuff that I still don’t understand how they’re related to Ramadan only and not the rest of the year. Here are some of those things:

TV Shows


The biggest Ramadan-related thing ever! As soon as someone hears the word Ramadan they instantly think about the TV shows and programs that are gonna be aired as soon as the month starts. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think it’s wrong to make TV shows in Ramadan, but what I see it’s completely wrong is that the Egyptian TV literally has no new shows the whole year except maybe for one show every 5 years or something, and just before Ramadan starts you see tens of ads promoting new shows for just one month…. Why???



I LOVE commercials and I love it when 2 brands are having a competition or a commercial fight but lately I’ve noticed that those commercials increase significantly in Ramadan and they’re now so predictable. Starting with the enormous amount of ads asking for donations to the ads about luxurious compounds in El-Tagamo’ to terrible ads made by underwear companies. When has Ramadan become the ad season?


Okay just to make it clear, there is nothing in the world that I love more than food so I really find it offensive that certain dishes appear for just one month a year… Where does the Konafa go the remaining 335 days with its beautiful additions? Why can’t I find a Nutella Konafa or a konafa with red velvet except in Ramadan?! Someone tell me where does the supply of Qatayef go the whole year! And also why do some dishes disappear during Ramadan? I mean fish tastes as good in Ramadan as it does the remaining 11 months.



I was never a fan of coffee shops myself, neither the expensive ones with a minimum charge equal to the numerical value of the speed of light nor the oriental cafés. And although I understand almost everyone loves sitting in a café and have a cup of tea or a cheese cake in the normal days I find it impossible not to notice the masses that go to cafés just after sunset to have a shisha. What’s so special about cafés in Ramadan?


This I do not hate but also do not understand. I understand that Ramadan is a month of joy and happiness for a lot of people but how does that connect the month to lanterns in any way possible? I mean even if someone doesn’t know the real story behind the cannons firing at sunset they can give a guess that it was used in the early ages to alert people to break their fasting when there were no loud speakers but someone seriously needs to explain the origins of the lanterns.

Whether we understand how those are linked to Ramadan or not, we still enjoy every single one of those totally unrelated yet completely interesting things and we do wait for Ramadan yearly for them.