This is What Death Taught Me About Life

The past few days witnessed lots of tragic accidents which made me think a lot about sudden death, why is it so sudden? Why aren’t there any signs to prepare us and the ones we love for it? I know people who were young and full of life and while they were standing and talking with their friends they suddenly fell… no signs, no warnings, no nothing! They just fell suddenly like they were hit by an invisible bullet and they died… as simple as that. I know people who were unfortunate enough to see their friends get hit by a speeding car or get a call from their friend’s parent or sibling telling them that they slipped and fell on their heads on a rough edge. I myself knew 2 college girls who entered the operation room and were supposed to come out safely but they never got out alive…

All of those accidents and much much more made me realize how terrible sudden death is. How it somehow seems to target young people who can never see it coming. I can only imagine the shock their families and friends get when they hear about the death of their loved one. When they are told that they can no longer see their face, hear their voice or tell them that they love them. Sometimes I daydream and I imagine how I would feel like if a person close to me ever faced sudden death and I really don’t know how I could ever get past this. Why hasn’t man been able to get over the pain death makes? Though we know for sure it’s inevitable and that we’re all going to have to face it someday, but why haven’t we evolved to not feel this terrible pain when someone dies? I know that death is a must and I have faith in god that he regulates it perfectly even if it doesn’t seem like it to us, but I’m only a soul after all, a soul that gets hurt and feels pain when it loses someone and I remember perfectly the pain it has once caused me.

If you’re reading this now then this means that you have read this very long article and it probably means you can relate to it somehow or that you have thought about it too before so please, read my next few words carefully.

Goodbyes are tough especially if you don’t get to say goodbye so cut the crap out! Do whatever the fuck you are too afraid to do. Go to that skydiving trip your friends told you about and you refused because you were too scared of doing it. Go play with the dog or that cat that you are afraid from for no rational reason. Tell the person you love that you love them and it doesn’t have to be your crush. It can be your parent, your sibling, your friend, the mail delivery guy who you see every morning and greet with a smile on both of your faces. Settle down the differences you have with everyone and improve your relationship with god. Make the band that everyone told you it would fail. I know this will sound so cheesy but life is so damn shorter than you could possibly imagine and you never know who will be next. You may be the one to leave or the one who will have to embrace the pain of seeing someone leave. My words may have been said a million times before but I really hope from the bottom of my heart that everyone will think about it before they have to face it, but for now I leave you with this song.