Interview: Abdoul Is safe and Funnier Than Ever

After being in a coma for months due to a terrible car accident, Abdoul is finally back to the scene with all the hilarious jokes and exultant spirit. On account of being one of the most sparkling figures on social media, we were able to rendezvous with Abdoul during his recovering journey and offer his fans a sneak peek to his life.

  • Apart from the Facebook videos and being a vlogger, what else you do in life as Abdoulrahman Ihab?

I’m a musician, mainly a drummer. Unfortunately, I stopped playing right after the accident but I’ll get back soon. I used to work as a copywriter at Impact BBDO, an advertising agency. I also used to play rugby at BUE but I quit a year before the accident. As for the academic life, I studied Mass Communication at CIC. What else? You tell me!

  • Well that’s great for now! So concerning that whole videos thing, how did it all start?

As a matter of fact, I’ve always been distinguished by my weird sense of humor among my friends to the extent they call me The Joker. They believe I have that superpower of turning every single thing into a joke. Honestly, this whole videos thing was unplanned. Once I was at the dentist’s and right after I left, I felt like my entire jaw was twisted! So I decided to record a video talking sarcastically about that situation and surprisingly, people loved it! That’s how it all started.

  • And what motivated you to shower us with even more great videos?

*laughing* I love, like really do love hearing the sound of people’s laughter! So I technically think that’s what keeps me “showering” you with more videos.

  • Did that sudden fame on social media open doors or serve your career in any possible way?

It definitely did! I was offered too many opportunities from reputable advertising agencies but I haven’t considered any of them yet. Besides, I was offered to present a 4 season show on TV, but I turned it down because there were a lot of problems and I wasn’t ready. So you can say I prefer the digital media for the time being.

  • Does this mean that if you got any other opportunity to present a TV show later on, you’d go for it?

I will.

  • So back to videos, what’s the core of the messages you’re always willing to deliver?

Modesty and conservativeness have always been the essence and the core of my messages. The topic varies from one video to another, I know, but I believe all my videos go around these two main messages.

  • About the accident…

Yeah! The day with all the changes.

  • What precisely changed after the accident?

Well, I’m physically reborn as my doctors would say. This means that my body has to recall everything and come to light. For instance, I’m learning how to move my hand again, together with the fact that I became extremely sensitive and emotional to an uncontrollable extent. It’s traumatic.

  • And on a more personal level, did anything change?

Of course! I started appreciating the smallest of things in this life, like literally every teeny tiny thing which had no value to me before the accident. And most importantly, I’m much closer to God now.

  • You once said that if you went back in time, you’d still choose the accident. Why?

Standing on that very thin line between life and death, I believe that God gave me the chance to know the reason I’m actually living for. I ratify there’s a message I have to deliver as a survivor, a message I’m still trying to figure out. That’s why I’d always choose the accident.

  • We all thank God for giving you such a chance, Abdoul!

You know, I was really shocked by the number of people who prayed and were actually there for me! I feel quite blessed.

  • You definitely are! So how did you prepare the ground for after the recovery?

I’m absolutely going back to even more videos.

  • Among your various videos, we’re eager to know which one is your own favorite.

Honestly, I don’t like watching any of my own videos because I usually go like “who’s this?” *laughing* but you can consider “50 Shades of Baba” and “Jeeba and Furious” my all-time favorites.

  • And which video do you think got the audience the most?

50 Shades of Baba.

  • A quote you’ll always take into account?

“من حام حول الحمى وقع فيها”

  • Time passed quickly with you Abdoul! It’s been a pleasure to meet such a spectacular person like you.

The pleasure is mine! I really had fun having this interview with you guys.

Despite all the ups and downs in his story, Abdoul is still one of the most successful and inspirational people of his age and we can’t help but wish him a faster recovery and wait for his big comeback!