It’s more than just a haircut.

The process of growing up has changed the value of many things around me, including myself. Or parts of myself. Maybe I didn’t know they were that important when I was young, but now all of this has changed, and those parts of me carry a whole story: my story.

Oh, what did you do to your hair?” They asked.

It is commonly known that when a woman cuts her own hair, it means that she just got out of a relationship, but it’s not always like that. It’s a will to change their own life, something inside them. Cutting your own hair is much more than just changing the way you look, or getting rid of those damaged ends.

Your hair is something that has accompanied you through a whole phase: a phase of radical mental and emotional changes. Changes that come out of love and loss, out of falling like those dead autumn leaves on the ground to blossoming like a tree in spring.

Your hair is much more than those strands on your head; they contain a whole story.
And when you take the step to cut it with your very own hands, you face yourself by admitting that you lost all of those things you couldn’t live without someday, that you’ve always been trying to hold on to, even when they hurt, and broke you inside. It’s acknowledging your strength to let things go; maybe a past love, or someone who was a close friend, or a phase where you’ve been struggling to know yourself and what you really want and luckily you got out of it.


It’s the ability to move on, and change what you dislike and fight it, instead of settling down. Cutting your hair always has a meaning behind it, especially when you do it yourself.
And in the end, it all feels like a victory, once you look at your new face, and feel that you’re ready to start all over again. A beginning of a new chapter in the present, instead of re-reading the same chapter of the past, and being stuck in it.