Another Light Fades Away: Nour Anwar

Imagine the following scenery: you’re hanging out with your friends, an empty street is seen in front of you, and a couple of them think why not have a car race? Which will then result in a car accident, however, you’ll be safe and sound going back to your family while another will be going back to their own family in a coffin.

Another tragic incident causing the life of 19-year-old Nour Anwar to end. It’s not so surprising anymore that we hear the death of another victim of a car accident.
Nour passed away on Saturday, 13th of May when she was returning from college. Nour was sitting in the backseat when offender A.K lost control of his vehicle, racing another one, and landed on Nour’s car, exactly where she was sitting.
Farah, her sister, was sitting beside the driver who is Nour’s friend. Nour’s friend and sister miraculously made it out alive, unfortunately, Nour didn’t. She suffered from a head injury, followed by a coma and passed away hours later.
The car’s driver is a 17-year-old who was driving without a license. The offender’s older brother was then captured and admitted it was his brother, A.K, who drove the car. However, he fled to Saudi Arabia by his father’s help the very next day.
It also has been told that there was interference in the police report by placing A.K’s brother’s name instead of his own name, which resulted in the offender running away easily.

When will this end? Nour’s soul having to pay the cost of reckless behavior some teens caused, who clearly didn’t even care and was coldblooded into running away.
Why should we get used to hearing news of innocent people dying with guilty ones getting away?

May Nour’s soul rest in peace and God be with her family. She’s definitely in a better place than she would’ve been in this brutal world.