Self-perception Can Break You Too

Hello friend,

In order to write this I had many difficulties. I don’t know why words failed to come out, some call it a writer’s block but I don’t really know. Maybe I was just scared.

Well anyways, as human beings we tend to see ourselves as the good guys of our own story and bad things just happen to us. You believe that shit happens because shit happens, right? Well unfortunately, that’s not the truth.

The truth is that you’re not that good guy in your story, actually you’re not even close. You’re also not the villain, you’re not the sidekick or the hero of the story.

Then who the fu*k are you, man?

You’re both. You are the kindness of the good, you’re the madness of the villain, you’re the smartness of the intelligent and the attractiveness of the hero, and you’re just good and you are misunderstood.

You’re neither who you think you are nor who people think you must be. You’re a mystery, a secret, something that isn’t meant to be found out. So when you tell your story make sure you don’t define yourself as the good guy nor the villain. Definitions restrict you. Being free of definitions sets you on your way. Free to discover, love and most importantly live.

Now you see, here is a thing that people always say “don’t let anyone define who you are” and I believe that humans aren’t meant to be defined, we are not equations to be solved. Our actions, feelings and thoughts are what make us different than all the other creatures. We are as big as the sea, as high as the sky and as beautiful and complex as the green nature of the forest.

Finally, I want to ask whoever is reading this to please close your eyes for a minute and think of all the definitions and labels you have for yourself in your own story. Now let them all go away, the good and the bad, all of it. Then and only then you can feel free, and then you can truly be the greatest human we all aspire to be, ourselves.