Reasons Why I don’t Try To Get A Summer Body

Summer is coming and soon you’ll find everyone talking about one topic and one topic only, summer bodies. Yes those sexy bodies we see on the beach every summer and wish we had them instead of our fat bellies, but guess what summer bodies are not as cool as they look and below are the reasons why I won’t try getting a summer body any time soon.


To get a summer body you have to follow a harsh diet for some time, meaning no pizza, no burger, no chocolate, no anything! Bis and tris? I prefer cheesy fries.



2,200 Egp for a membership at Samia Allouba, 1,400 for ISO 100 whey protein, and around 17,000 for spending a week in a chalet in Marassi (yes you read that right). Summer bodies need a budget that mostly families like Bill Gates, Naguib Sawiras or Baioumy Fouad can afford.



Summer bodies need a lot of preparation especially if you’re not already fit before and this means spending approximately 24 hours a week for preparing for your summer body. Do you have any idea how many shows you can watch, books you can read, or food you can eat if you skip those 24 hours for 3 months?



Sure having a sexy tanned body on the beach will look so cool but so does a picture of you holding a cigarette. Just because it looks cool doesn’t mean it’s healthy and while being sporty and athletic as your lifestyle is healthy and cool, working out for only a couple of months then stopping after summer ends isn’t.


We’re not saying being fit is bad or wrong, we actually love it but don’t assume that not being fit is wrong or makes you less cool on the beach. Love your body and appreciate your kersh.