Casper & Gambini’s Introduce Their First “Braille Menu”

Written By: Farah Hatem

The regionally-wide restaurant franchise, Casper & Gambini’s have announced the launch of their first Braille menu through their facebook page, which will be available in their City Stars branch. Braille is a writing system used by those who are blind or visually impaired, and a Braille menu helps them know what’s written on the menu. Casper & Gambini’s have partnered up with Helm حلم, a non-profit organization that aims to help and provide better chances for special needs and provide them with better life & career opportunities in Egypt.

Their mission is “We want to utilize every talent, every skill and every ability. We want to change the way the Egyptian society perceives disabilities and ensure people with special needs’s real inclusion within the society.”

It’s good to remember that moment that was a breakthrough for Braille menus on twitter, when a girl tweeted that her sister was finally able to read a menu after being alive for 18 years. This incident happened just last March.

We hope that Casper & Gambini’s inspires other restaurants to do the same until we finally see Braille menus accessible in every single restaurant in Egypt.