6 Important Tips for Fresh Graduates

I remember being a school student whose dream was to finish school and go to university where everything will be magical; just like every other student back then thought. I thought that university is all about freedom and hanging out with friends and stuff but none of this happened.

University for me was all about studying, attending lectures, having lots of sections, submissions, deadlines, midtersms and a long list of terminologies that I didn’t understand very well back then. As a freshmen I tried to be optimistic and decided to join a student activity but what happened was very pessimistic as I didn’t have time to show up anymore.

I’m not saying that college was miserable, it was actually a fun new phase of life, new friends and I even got to try new food thanks to my friends there but it was very tiring and stressing.

So, if you are graduating this year and had the same college experience as the one I had then try to take a look at my tips for your upcoming life as a fresh graduate.


1) Take a break

giphy (46)

Yes take a break for a while and enjoy the life of having no studying, no exams and no obligations. Believe Me you’ll need it.

2) Travel

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While you’re on your break try to visit a new place and interact with new and different people.

3) Don’t extend the Break

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Taking a break is important but not for too long, try to find a job in the field you’ve always wanted and it’s okay if you haven’t figured out what you exactly want to do but just don’t stand still, try different things and different fields because that’ how you’ll gain experience.

4) Daily routine sucks

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If you did find a job whether you like it or not try not to make your whole life about work because routine sucks more than studying.

5) Learn something

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Probably the best thing to break your routine is doing something you didn’t have time for it during college. For example, try to learn something new as a new language or try a specific sport you’ve always enjoyed watching.

6) Extend your circle

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It’s very important to interact with new people and try to make connections which will definitely help you.


The real life has just begun, try to make it as beautiful and exciting as possible.