Project No Color Breaks Down The Beauty Standards and Skin-Color Discrimination in Egypt

Racism and discrimination are two topics that we barely tackle in Egypt, some people might even think that they’re not there. Well, if you’re one of them, you’re about to completely change your mind. In a strong move, a group of young adults chose to reveal the ugly side of our society in Project No Color, showing how beauty standards do exist through the stories of different women.

Maha Mohamed came up with the idea of the campaign while OArt-Studio founders Henar Sherif and Adel Essam came up with the idea of the photos to bring to life one of the most brilliant campaign we saw in years.

Video By: Disha Hisham

We could go all day explaining the project and how powerful the message is, but the following pictures speak more than any words we could say.

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“But words are never just words, and every hurtful word is a new drop in the waters of discrimination that have grown to surround us and define us as different.”




Find the whole Project No Color through this link and share your story with discrimination on the hashtag #Project_no_color

A message from us to anyone reading this: Whether it’s your skin tone, curly or straightened hair, curvy or skinny body, they will always find something to make you feel bad about. So, drop that fake bronzer and whitening cream and embrace your natural beauty.