The Heart-Breaking Mental Illness Trend

I’ve heard it a lot before: how people label the slightest discomfort or pain as depression or anxiety. I’ve only heard about it a million times. Why are people underestimating mental illness? Why do we throw it so casually in the middle of our conversations? I admit to have done it before, but when I looked it up, I realized making it trendy is a sign of how bad our world has truly become. I never did it again.

Of course, there are people who are, unfortunately, victims of their own minds. They suffer from these illnesses or disorders, and it’s hard to provide help for them. Why? Because in a world where everyone says they have an illness, it’s hard to give it to the ones who need it most.

To those who say they have anxiety: do you even know how hard it could be? A never-ending circle of doubt, and worry and terror. You worry about your future so much you could lose it. You doubt yourself every day; you suppose everyone is after you. You physically feel your heart thumping so hard when you panic you could run through a severe panic attack. Victims of anxiety are never at peace with anything. It’s a true struggle, an illness. Why would anyone take that lightly?

And what about depression? It’s become the trendiest of them all. Sadness is one thing; depression is totally another. Sadness changes according to the mood, or is related to some events in our lives. A death of someone, a failure, maybe a random thing. But depression? It’s pain, and guilt, and constant feeling of ineptitude and self-loathing. It’s so bad it could cause severe headaches, and cramps, and affect sleep and appetite. It’s not as light as society makes it seem, is it?

If only people realized how cruel and sick it is to casually glamorize such illnesses. Victims suffer and die from these illnesses, and here we are toying with their ugly truth. If you can’t help a victim, then don’t add to their pain.

I might know a person or two suffering from a mental issue, and it hurts to see them deal with others mockingly claiming to be depressed or bipolar whatsoever. I think it makes it harder for them to look for help, because maybe no one would think they truly suffer. They have to hide behind fake smiles. They feel suffocated whenever they’re around people. They want the pain to end, and the society simply doesn’t care.

Mental illness isn’t glamorous. Don’t say something you don’t know the slightest thing about. Don’t tell someone they have depression if you don’t know the symptoms. Stop making it a trend. People’s pain isn’t a project of memes or best-selling books. A wounded soul isn’t a muse.

When we stop giving our problems the wrong label, that’s when we’ll be able to overcome them. Address your sadness as sadness, not depression; then, you’ll overcome it. Address your stress as stress, not anxiety; then, you’ll overcome it. Address your mood swings as mood swings, not bipolarity or schizophrenia. Let your heart and mind breathe, don’t trap your soul in endless chaos to follow a stupid trend.

May you never go through the pain, and may your dark days fade away.