Egypt’s Poets Society: A Bunch of Independent Writers Who Chose To Make a Difference

Written By: Ramy El-Agamy

PS: This article is a message from Egypt’s Poets Society.

Based on the simple idea that writing is in itself a good thing, disregarding the quality of what is written. Realizing one’s problems is not an easy task because thoughts easily drift off, but seeing words written that express what you are struggling to express can jump you to revelations about what is happening in the complexity of your mind. But sometimes such a reading source is not available. Writing is a skilled healer and sometimes you have to be your own therapist. Pouring your thoughts into writing can always help you in grasping your random thoughts and filter them down to what comforts you and what strains you. Introspection is a skill that must be constantly sought after. We are not romanticizing the therapeutic powers of writing. Writing as therapy is well recognized in psychotherapy as a powerful tool. Psychology professor Adrian Furnham wrote on Psychology Today “This is much more than simple trying to write pretty sentences. It is about singling out experiences, events and people that contributed to one’s life. Seeing cause and effect, understanding psychological processes can significantly increase self-understanding. Suddenly things become apparent: patterns observed explanations obvious.”

Picture of Egypt's Poets Society
Picture of Egypt’s Poets Society Members
It’s only helpful to write your thoughts and feelings but writing characters, stories, opinions, theories, and observations from the world can all put you in other people’s shoes and teach you the virtue of empathy. That is what we in Egypt’s Poets Society believe in. In a larger community that is not so accepting of therapy and for a lot of people seeking such therapy might have financial or other obstacles. We want to encourage everyone to write and be read, because writing can heal both the writer and the reader. We hope to see original writing as widespread in Egypt as the need for therapy is, and the latter should have no exceptions or exclusions in any community. We are a group of all writers who introduce ourselves with a simple “we write” and we hope that you do too.

A message from Going Deep to Egypt’s Poets Society: Your art makes the soceity better, keep on shining you guys!