Omar Hegazy: The first Egyptian to ever swim from Jordan to Egypt

A 26 year old Egyptian swimmer just became the first Egyptian swimmer to pass Al Aqaba Gulf in 8 hours.

Omar Hegazy is a banker who recently lost his leg in a tragic accident, but that didn’t stop him from finding his place in history as he managed to pass Al Aqaba Gulf starting from Jordan’s Harbor to Taba’s coast in a move to boost and empower Egyptian tourism.

Since this accident, Omar has been keen on practicing all of his favorite sports as swimming, diving and even climbing mountains.

Picture Source: Omar Hegazy's Facebook Page
Picture Source: Omar Hegazy’s Facebook Page

The Egyptian champion decided to go through this adventure in order to challenge himself and send a worldwide message that Egypt is safe. He picked I CHOOSE as a slogan for his adventure to state that with hope you can achieve your goal and it’s your call to keep moving forward.

A message from us to Omar: You’re a fighter, keep rocking!