Highlights From The Eighth Edition of Cairo Fashion Festival!

“Interesting”, “Superb” and “Dream” are what designers said when we asked them to describe Egypt’s biggest fashion event in one word. What else would we add to their words? The Fashion Festival, brought to you by OPPO camera phone, took place in Cairo Festival City from April 27th to 29th. The theme of this season was inspired by carnivals, amusement park vibes connecting a fashion wonderland with white and soft colors.


The red carpet extravaganza was everything you needed to see. Designers as Norine Farah, Hama Hinnawy, Amira Gohary, Bardees, Ahmed Hamdy, Esraa Shaheen, Ahmed Nabil, Eva Habashi, Pacinthe Badran and many others made their red carpet debut, everyone in pieces of their own design. Celebrities as Hany Adel, Yara El Gendy, Hana Shiha, Wadih El Najjar and other were there to pose on the “pink” red carpet, in flawless pieces. And of course, your favourite fashion bloggers slayed that carpet, too.



The fashion shows and presentations featured SS’17 and FW’17/18 collections from the designers, and this season’s DHL competition winner was Ahmed Hamdy for his design of an “English” man suit. The prize was a trip of a lifetime worth EGP 50,000. “I feel honoured and happy to win this” – Ahmed Hamdy told Going Deep. “That’s why I chose England, it’s my favourite”


The fashion shows were pure art! What’s better than models wearing masterpieces signed by some of the absolute best designers in the middle-east fashion industry and walking down the runway slaying that catwalk? “Le Conteur” showcased their collection, which was full of spring flowers and nature colours reflecting the beauty of spring vibes. Eva Habashi’s collection “La Librete” took all the eyes, which was so inspired by butterflies, and supports the idea of women empowerment, strength and freedom in society.


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The fashion shows were to an end, but not a normal one, an end with Hama Hinnawy’s art over there on the runway. The woman that captured the eyes of Queen Rania, showcased her unique, cultural and royal collection, which already made a debut at Milan Fashion Week. “Cairo Fashion Festival is superb, very beautiful and I’m so interested” – She told Going Deep.

And as if the event wasn’t interesting enough, it was time to announce the winner that will have a short 2017 course in London College of Fashion at University of Arts London. Designer Pacinthe Bardan won the great opportunity, who was showcasing her first collection at the CFF runway.



We had a chit-chat with most of the guests, all of them agreed on how much this season of CFF is pretty different ( in a good way ), and very impressive compared to the previous seasons. Most of them praised CFF’s CEO, Omar Madkour on working for better and different seasons.

We had fun covering such event, talking to the humble guests and inspired by one of the best kinds of arts, aka fashion! The event was everything you needed to see, and we’ll be providing you with the interviews of the amazing celebrities, and very talented designers!