Your Guide to Get Over Sadness

Drawing By: Rokaia Issaf

Personally, I believe that whenever you feel down or sad, you need to vent. You need to let it all out. I promise that won’t turn you into a drama queen or whatever shitty trend we call it, it can actually help you; it can free you to be the ultimate and amazing, well, YOU.

The following may sound as a rant but I can assure you it’s not. I’m just letting go of the bad vibes I feel every day. So here are the 5 things I’m sick of.


1) I’m sick of self-doubt, how one cannot be good enough is somehow crippling, to the extent that we feel bad that we exist. We feel sad that we are alive. Like we are not worthy. It’s really scary if you think about it, how someone can be not sure of who they are as a human being, of their existence, soul and self being.


2) I’m sick of ego. How we at times feel entitled and special like we are God gifts on earth. Like I’m better, smarter, and faster in this race we call life. How can someone so ordinary feel so extraordinary? Ego is destructive, ego is shitty.


3) I’m sick of us, sick of you, sick of me, sick of all we can be, but we are not. We are still, like we are climbing a really high hill. How can this end well? It’s a question I ask myself every day. How can I make this feeling go away? How self-doubt caused me so much trouble? How ego makes me feel fake and sad? How can I stop feeling this way or the other?

Anyways I just wanna stop feeling bad.


4) I’m sick of expectations, sick of having to be liked, rated or even hated. I’m sick of being good; of not doing what I shouldn’t and doing what I should do all the time.. Parents, Friends and loved ones why can’t you let me be. Why are you the ones holding us back instead of setting us free?


5) I’m sick of this. Uncertainty; the bliss that somehow I always dismiss. How can you be really happy when you feel all of the above? How can you really and truly love? Is happiness real? Is sadness the closest thing that we appeal?


Well if you’re reading this and looking for answers, then I’m sorry to disappoint you my friend. I’m just here to ask questions that I feel and see every day and believe me there are a lot.