The Book Assassin’s Creed Was Inspired From -No Spoilers

Assassin’s Creed, this name is known to almost everyone now, whether you’ve seen the movie or if you’re an original who entered the assassins’ world from the game series. I’m a big fan of the game myself and I know a huge number of people are too. I know a lot of people know that most of the characters in the game were real people who walked our land but what I also know for a fact is that most people don’t know that this is also the case with the assassins themselves.

The game assassin’s creed is actually inspired from a true story and the league of assassins actually existed and all of this is shown and explained in Vladimir Bartol’s masterpiece: “Alamut”.

Al-Hashashin“, or more commonly known as the assassins, were a group created by “Al-Hassan Ibn Al-Sabbah“. “Al-Hassan” wanted control over people and he was smart enough to figure out that religion is one of the strongest ways to control people. He was following the Ismaili Shia, or at least that is what he wanted his followers to believe and hell was he convincing!

Ibn Al-Sabbah” was able to convince his followers that he was a messenger from a god and that god gave him the keys of heaven and hell. But if anyone has read the book, he would know how smart “Al-Hassan” was and how he knew that his talks aren’t enough and that someone would become suspicious at some point, but he had a perfect plan. He made some followers of his enter heaven. Yup you read that right and nope, I’m not an atheist. He gave his followers weed pills so they would sleep and when they woke up they found themselves in beautiful gardens with beautiful women, something far more impressing than any of the soldiers would ever dream of at that time and then they would sleep again and wake up to find themselves in front of their leader telling them that they were in heaven.

The book explains in details how “Al-Hassan” thought of conquering the world and how assassins were created. He used his followers to kill his enemies and he wanted brave and fearless soldiers who would happily welcome death, and what better way than to show them heaven and convince them that you control it? The book also shows some of the most famous icons of the game like the leap of faith and where it was inspired from and the truth behind it.

The assassins in the game may be good people serving a noble cause, but that was not the case in reality and the assassins did some really awful things to people, but personally I don’t think I ever enjoyed reading a book as much as this one with all its details and spirit.

Those were all just simple ideas about the book so if you’re interested in action, history or the game itself, please do yourself a favour and go read this book.