Designers Showcasing Their Collections at Cairo Fashion Festival – Season 8

It’s the 8th Edition of the biggest and most awaited fashion event in Egypt, Cairo Fashion Festival. The festival is featuring fashion designers, models, stylists and professionals in the industry. Designers are having the opportunity to show their collections on a runway show. The Festival will be held at Cairo Festival City Mall on days from April 27th to 29th. We’ve got you a brief list of the designers that are showcasing their unique work.
Hama Hinnawi

Models: Gabriella Zuffo and Lorena Loschi
Hama is a Jordan famous fashion designer, very known for mixing cultures, colors and embroidery onto beautiful garments. She dressed Queen Rania of Jordan with one of her royal pieces. She’ll be showing pieces from her collection that made a debut at Milan Fashion Week.

Esraa Shaheen

Models: Marianne Apikian , Salam Ebeid Hefzi
Models: Marianne Apikian , Salam Ebeid Hefzi
Sara will be showcasing her brand “Le Conteur”, for which is known for its quality of being elegant and chic. The Bridesmaids collection is full of spring flowers and nature colors that reflects the beauty of the nature and simplicity.

Eva Habashi

Model: Mahitab Errefae
Model: Mahitab Errefae
Eva Habashi’s “La Liberté” collection is inspired by birds, butterflies, creatures that fly and resemble hope. The collection is there to inspire women with the empowerment, strength and the freedom from all constraints society puts on them.

Amira El Gohary


Amira’s collection is a collaboration with Salem Alta Moda with the name “La Fête des Fleurs”. It is inspired by the beauty of flowers and butterflies, emerged together in a breathtaking embroidery.

Sara Gabr


Maison SG is showing her new unique collection under the name “La Rinascita di una grazia”, which means the “Rebirth of a Grace”. The collection is inspired by pschological, spiritual meanings and how cultures used every and each color.



‘When Art meets Fashion’ is what describes Bardees’ collection with the name “Aton”. The collection is inspired by the Egyptian background and abstract, collaborating with Artist Dr. Ashraf Reda.

Pacinthe Bardan


Introducing her first collection, “Urban Geisha” is inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom with its colors and reflection of women’s strength, independence, success and feminine.

Which collection are you excited the most to watch? For further details about the festival, the collections, and the designers, we’ll be covering the event. Tune in to our Facebook page to provide you with the highlights!