Welcome to the society of hypocrisy.

We could be poets on Facebook and Twitter, but when it comes to reality, we’re just stones in the shape of humans.
We get afraid of expressing our own feelings because we might get judged or misunderstood, but on social media we’re the complete opposite.
You could find some of us defending women’s rights, posting about feminism, and be angry about mistreating women, but if we hear about a case of domestic violence in the houses of our relatives or even in the neighbourhood we’re living in, or a girl we know who can’t go to school because of her gender, we just ignore it.
We would keep stating that we shouldn’t judge people by the way they dress or they think, but if we find someone doing so without suiting our tastes, we’d just make fun of them and bombard them with our irrelevant opinions and judgments without taking a single moment to think about our words.
We could talk about poverty and children dying of hunger, but we won’t bother helping anyone in need because we’re just too centred on our lives.
Is being real that expensive today? Is that screen has created a double personality for each of us?
Or, could we just stop pretending to be someone else, or we could just take that step of acting upon what we say?
Should we blame social media for this, or ourselves for being liars, who are addicted to lying?
Well, I believe that we are all liars, and we like it. We like that beautiful image we’ve built of ourselves behind that screen.