Universal Easter vs. Egyptian Sham El Neseem

Easter is almost here, and while the whole world celebrates, we just do things a bit differently. Well, a lot differently. Our Egyptian Sham El Neseem balances between being weird, fun, happy and an extremely cool holiday and we’ve got proof!

1.You have Easter bunnies, but nothing compares to our Feseekh and Rengagiphy (33)
Regardless of the yearly fights and repeated conversations of ‘ana bakol renga bas’ and ‘el feseekh mesh moder zay ma bet2oulo’, they’re always eaten anyway.

2.And while they have chocolate eggs, we’ll be colouring and eating our real eggs for Sham El Neseemgiphy (37)

Talk about Kinder and Milka chocolate eggs all you want, you’ll always go back to colouring hard boiled eggs and instagramming it.

3.Easter is linked to flowers and fresh air everywhere, and then there’s Egyptgiphy (32)
After a good feseekh and renga meal, you’ll spend approximately 10 hours washing your hands, showering, brushing your teeth and doing everything possible to eliminate the smell. You’ll end up failing anyway. I bet the whole world smells the feseekh, renga and basal we consume here in Egypt on that day.

4.It’s supposed to be spring, but we choose to act like it’s summer alreadygiphy (41)

For some reason, our Sham El Neseem is linked to Gouna and Sahel. Everyone just leaves their city and ends up at the beach ignoring the fact that we have finals in a couple of weeks. Sham El Neseem marks the beginning of summer to us!

5.Our Sham El Neseem break lasts for at least 4 or 5 days instead of 1 just because we cantenor (1)

Being Egyptians, fahlawa is in our blood. Our Sham El Neseem starts on Thursday and ends just when we feel like it.

You just have to admit that nobody does Easter like Egyptians 😉