One Guy Improves The Days of All Poor Saudis

(Picture from Twitter: @Mr_Abdul3ziz)

On Friday, April 14th a young Saudi came up with an idea to tease takeout restaurants to help him do some good. He knew the idea would be hard and that the restaurants might not even notice him and the whole idea would be a failure. But he did it anyway.

The idea of Abdul-Aziz Alqahtni was to mention some takeout restaurants in a tweet of his and ask them how many retweets they needed to give him 100 sandwiches for him to give to the poor people in the streets. Crazy right? He thought he should give it a shot anyway and he asked Shawarmer how many retweets they wanted to give him the sandwiches.

Shawarmer saw his tweet and replied to him only 3 hours later telling him that he can have the sandwiches without any retweets at all as long it is for charity work. And before the day was to an end, the tweet caught the eyes of people working in Careem and apparently they wanted to take part in helping people too. They decided to provide Abdul-Aziz with cabs to help him distribute the sandwiches around the city.

The tweet then caught on fire and everyone wanted to take part and have an effect on the lives of those who are less fortunate. Pizza Inn told Aziz that they want to help too and that they’re offering him 100 pizzas to distribute then Tania Water said that pizza and shawarma would make people very thirsty especially considering Saudi Arabia’s hot weather so they offered to help by giving water with whatever the quantity needed. Help was also offered by Brand Details, a media agency who offered to cover up the whole campaign for free to spread the idea of doing good.

Writing about everyone who offered their help would need a whole newspaper but we can say that at the end of the campaign more food, drinks, snacks, volunteers, and caps for protection from the sun than we can ever count will be at the hands of people who need these stuff, and who knows maybe this could be the spark that would light up the concept of how something so simple like a tweet with an idea could make a huge difference in people’s lives.

Way to go Abdul-Aziz, don’t make this the last time you do something like this.