El Sherbini Wins World Squash Title for the Second Successive time

El Gouna hosting both International Squash Open for Men and Orascom Development PSA Women’s World Championship is such a positive move towards reviving the tourism in Egypt.
The winner of the tournament goes home with a grand prize of 165,000$ for females, and 150,000$ for males. We’re talking about a tremendous competition as it’s one of the seven most important worldwide tournaments, including players from all around the world.
Amr Mansi, Founder and CEO of I-Events, stated in an early interview that Egypt being the host of such a tournament is what was needed at the exact time to send a message of peace and safety to the world as El-Gouna will be filled with a diversity of international players that will see the beauty of El-Gouna and will share their experiences back at their hometowns. He also added that the preparations of the event wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the help of Naguib and Samih Sawiris.
Being known as country number one when it comes to squash, our national players didn’t fail us. As four Egyptians were qualified for quarterfinals; Mohamed El-Shorbagy played against his younger brother Marwan El-Shorbagy and the younger Shorbagy got the final triumph for the second time. Karim Abdel Gawad, played Germany’s Simon Rösner and won over him ,and finally, Dessouky, who played against Peru’s Diego Elias and won as well.
Yesterday, the 14t of April, Gaultier won the final over Gawad, making himself the oldest No.1 of all time.
Also, the Orascom championship witnessed the determination of the Egyptian women as in the semi-finals the ranked-one-champion Nour El-Sherbiny beat Nouran Gohar and Ranim El-Welily beat French champion Camille Serme.
However, El-Sherbiny held the Women’s World Championship Trophy yesterday with a triumphed smile, proving that she deserves her No.1 title.

A message from us to our squash champions: Egypt is proud of you!