Artist Replaces Billboards by Photos of Landscapes They Are Blocking

Artist Jennifer Bolande did a temporary artwork found near Vista Chino, in LA, where the artist replaced a series of consecutive billboards by perfectly aligned photos of the landscapes they’re blocking.

When Bolande was asked by the DesertX art project to come up with a desert artwork for a temporary display in the Coachella Valley, her mind went to the bizarre sight of enormous slot machines and house-sized baskets of shrimp on highway billboards and how that annoyed her.

DesertX managers agreed and rented space on six billboards for two months, until April 30 to implement Blonde’s idea and to eliminate visual pollution.




At a certain point, the perfect alignment will occur connecting the space that the billboard has interrupted. Bolande shows the artwork in a very special way, connecting real landscape photography to the real landscapes behind them.. and we’re wondering if there’s something more beautiful and creative!