8 Thoughts I have about college

Remember when we were children and we used to see those who go to college as old adults?

Now we’re part of them, and it feels like we didn’t grow up at all.

Time might’ve felt still, but it passed just as fast as a train. Remember having all of those expectations and being curious about how life would look like once we reach that place?

As I’m almost done with my first year here, I’d like to show you a list of my thoughts about college:

1- First of all, you might think you’ll go to a whole new world where there isn’t anyone you know. On the contrary, you’ll find most of those you know (half of them are ex school mates) and you think that you’ve completely cut off your past, but you didn’t.

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2- At first, you might have been willing to become a student of straight A’s, but the more time passes, the more you find out that your grades are just numbers, and do not define the person you are. They do not define your skills or your possibilities at getting a job and do not define your value as a human being. They’re just numbers that define how much time you spend on the desk studying.

3- Reconnecting with number 2, the things that most of us study at college do not really affect our knowledge or what we really want to do in the future. Most of the graduates don’t get jobs that are related to what they studied. All of those factors, adding the way doctors behave towards students, make us lose the will to study. College is an organization that gives you a piece of paper which is considered to make out of you a value and respect in society.

4- On the bright side, one of the most beautiful things about college is the friendships you make there. The choice of friendships is different than school; at school, choosing the people to be with is very limited, while in college you’re in the middle of thousands of people and you can choose the ones who are like you. Every moment spent with those is a memory: the laughs, the tears, the music, the details about each other’s life. It’s a creation of moments that will live forever inside you to remember the beautiful side of existence.

5- You may think that all people at college are mature and real grown ups. They’re not and they prove that age is just a number. You might get surprised for witnessing stories that are a recap of what had happened in middle school.

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6- College is not easy, and school isn’t any better.

7-  Join student activities. They will open your eyes and mind to things you’ve never known the existence of before. You’ll meet completely new people with different perspectives and you’ll learn how to accept them.

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8- In the end, even if you may not find joy in that place, be sure that some of your best memories will be created there.



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