The Egyptian who created visual effects for “Beauty and the Beast”

Have you watched Beauty and the Beast yet?

Have you been fascinated by the visual effects as most of the people did?

If your answer is yes then what will you say if you knew that an Egyptian guy is a part of the production team of this blockbuster?!


Mohamed Ali is an Egyptian visual effects producer and production manager who’ve made his way into Hollywood through other blockbusters as Spider Man, Fast and Furious & Thor.

Mohamed was offered a position on the production team after working on “Fast and Furious 7”.
He’s one of three production managers, as he managed a team of over 70 people responsible for creating the beast, the wolves and the surroundings of the film. Mohamed spent two years working on the beast to bring his character to life.

beauty n the beaast

Mohamed was born and raised in Cairo then moved to San Francisco to finish high school. After that he decided to study computer science but his love for creating art led him to study visual effects at the Academy of Art, University in San Francisco, which is one of the best schools in the world.

Anytime you see the beast, remember that an Egyptian Guy called Mohamed Ali has a role in it 🙂