5 common breakup techniques that you might have used/faced before!

Whether you were in a relationship or not, we’re pretty sure that you’ve witnessed at least one of these breakup techniques.


1- “We need a break”

This is when your significant other says it loud and straight, “We need a break” and you decide that, well, okay, what can go wrong with a little break?
Because you know it deep inside that this will give them the time to miss you, and then one day out of a sudden you’ll find them running to you and throwing their arms around you while screaming how much they couldn’t live without you.
The thing is, that you start hearing from strangers that you guys have broken up and that your significant other has even started dating a new one. And that’s when you come to realization, that this wasn’t a break; this was a breakup.

2-“you’re a good person but,”

Every compliment and good word makes sense until ‘but’ interferes. You know that they don’t mean what they said before ‘but’, it was just added as preface to what they really mean.
Also, don’t be surprised when you hear the five most cliché words in the world of clichés.
‘It’s not you, it’s me’.
A little advice? If you hear that, don’t let them continue. Even easier, you finish it up for them, because if they used the cheesiest most cliché line to break up with you, then they’ve reached a phase where they wouldn’t really take a bullet for you anymore.

3-“I can’t take this shit anymore!”

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston share an awkward quiet moment in the romantic comedy “The Break-Up.” CNS Photo courtesy of Melissa Moseley.

This one is used when you’re on the verge of everything. On the verge of losing it, on the verge of hating yourself, on the verge of killing your significant other.

You basically predict the break up. It’s that phase were stating it the nice way isn’t even an option. And only then do you know that it’s better/safer for you to just break up.

4-“I love you, I just don’t like you anymore…”

i love u i just dont like u anymore
This one is ironically the most heartbreaking one (not that the others weren’t heartbreaking too!)
Some won’t see how much this phase makes sense, and some can write essays about it.
It’s when you love them so much, but you’ve been through series of actions with them that led to a knot in your heart. You’re positive that, inside, you still love them. But the consequences that their love caused, cannot let you continue the journey with them.

5-“I’m not ready for a relationship right now”

This one happens when the chase phase ends. When they go through all the fun things that they’ve been missing in a relationship, then wake up one day and realize that things are getting real and serious. It’s like they’ve gotten a slap in the face, so they just state it like that, or maybe in other words like; “ana bakhaf men el commitment”


We know that going through the five ways of breaking up can be a little heart wrenching, but let’s face it, no matter how many times you try to dodge them and think that you’re too good for these five, we just know that somewhere deep, deep inside, you know that this was how you entered the friend-zone!