#United_On_PalmSunday: Explosions hit Tanta and Alexandria Leaving Deaths and Injuries

A large number of christians have died today’s morning in an explosin in the Coptic church in Tanta. The church of Mar Girgis was full of worshippers on Palm Sunday, a christian feast where they remember the day Jesus entered Jerusalem. The bomb left at least 21 dead and 40 injured.


Several hours after the first bombing, another one took place in front of Saint Mark’s church in Alexandria. The suicide bombing in Alexandria left at least 6 killed, 33 injured, and a fallen building according to the state TV. Three policemen are among the dead in Alexandria, including Adel El-Rakiby the head of the police department in Atarin district.

The story is still developing, all we can do right now is pray for the safety of everyone.