Ramadan Ads: A Recap of 2016’s Best Ads

Ramadan is less than 2 months away. And while almost everyone is doing their research to know more about the mosalsalat race this year, we can’t be the only people who are eagerly waiting to watch the war between the largest businesses. That’s why we decided to give you a quick reminder of some Ramadan 2016 ads to help you warm up for this year’s race!

  • Remember when everyone was fighting whether el Dondou is appropriate or not?


    • Finally an ad about a hospital that gives positive vibes and hope rather than making use of sick kids! Thank you, Sir Magdi.

  • And the very famous Sawsan w Soad from Labanita made a comeback!

  • Etisalat gave us the most colourful and cheerful ad and it was totally irrelevant, what does any of this have to do with Ramadan?

  • And it was Orange’s first year in the game, Ahmed Fahmy and Akram Hosny did a really good job!

  • Vodafone was still delivering the same message about the importance of family, last year they added a bit of nostalgia

  • And Pepsi finally chose a different theme after going for nostalgia for three consecutive years.

  • You can never mention Pepsi without thinking of Coca-Cola! Last year they had two different ads.

There was #خلي_الوعد_حقيقة which showed results from their 2015 campaign #ثانية_تفرق


And they featured another one about motherly love

  • Mandolin’s #صباعين_ليه gave us more Bayoumi Fouad and we loved it!

Ramadan is ‘the’ season for marketers to unleash their creativity and we can’t wait to see what they have prepared for 2017!