The Everlasting Need For Sanity

We all long for sanity, even if our definition of it differs.
Some of us want sanity as they break through the world, leaving their marks everywhere. Others just want sanity within solitude.

I believe that we never really let go of the need for that; to just exist peacefully within ourselves and the world outside of our heads, even when we keep stumbling with every breath we take and every choice we make, as time drains all the could have been-s we tire our hearts with.
And as we grow, our tendency to be sane either shrinks or grows along with us, though I believe that our nature was created in a way where the need for sanity is always meant to grow along with us, and even when it shrinks, it is always there; it has to be. Sanity is mostly referred to as temporary because its presence is not always obvious to us, it usually hides in places we never knew existed. Yet never fails to surprise us and show itself in pride, reminding us that we are human no matter the failures or the false beliefs that we will always be friends with our sadness.
You see it happening in other people’s lives and eventually in yours too. But listen, no one can be at peace with their sadness, no matter how much they tell you they’re used to it.
You see, there is no way you can put the world aside and focus on reaching for your sanity, because you will always miss a lot of things on your way, and of course, shit happens. But sometimes what brings you agony is what pushes you later to feel the sanity in every breath you take.
It’s impossible to stop the agony of course, you’ve just got to believe that one day you’ll be stable enough to go through the world with the sanity ahead of you. So until then, just give yourself the chance to breathe.