Hollywood’s Finest Gem is Back in “I Am Heath Legder”

It’s been nearly 10 years since our beloved Australian Star Heath ledger passed away.However, It feels like yesterday that we lost him. The late star of “Knight’s Tale”,”10 Things I Hate About You” and “Brokeback Mountain” died from what was considered an accidental intoxication from prescription drugs in 2008.

Our most favorite Joker has turned 38 years yesterday, and in celebration of his birthday we all got some great news!

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TV network “Spike” has been working on a documentary film about the Academy Award winning actor which will be premiered at Tribeca Film Festival this April.

The trailer of the documentary is out. So, get ready for a heart break.

“I am Heath Ledger” gives us an intimate look at Heath’s life, he seemed so alive in the rare footage and in the stories told by his sister and his friends. The documentary will be released before an exhibition about Heath’s life that will be held at the western Australian Museum in October.

Well, it breaks our hearts that we lost such a person. Yet, Heath still lives with us and the mark he left in the world is there to stay!