Massive Fire In Gezira Club Leaving a Building Collapsed

(Picture from Twitter)

Less than an hour ago a fire erupted in the gymnastics center of Gezira Club in Zamalek. Social media users shared videos and pictures of the fire and the smoke which could be seen from all around Zamalek, Agouza, and Mohandeseen.

It was mentioned that the fire started small and grew bigger due to the presence of a large number of trees and green areas around it.

There are no official reports on the number of injuries or the cause of the fire until this moment. But according to witnesses of the incident, fire trucks only showed up after the building collapsed. The fire is huge and causing roadblocks in Zamalek and chaos allover the area.

We’ll let you know when something is confirmed concerning the cause or the number of injuries. In the meanwhile, we just hope that everyone is okay.