Maid Falls Off Building, Employer Snapchats The Fall

A truly heart-breaking incident occurred last Thursday when a Kuwaiti woman video-snapchatted her Ethiopian maid while falling from a seven storey building in Kuwaiti.

The woman is currently being investigated by the Kuwaiti police, after the snapchat video went viral on twitter. Several people expressed their frustration on social media, stating how cruel and inhumane it is to leave someone suffer when it would’ve cost her nothing to save her.

In the video, the maid is holding to the side of the window screaming “help me, help me” in Arabic while her employer stands a few inches away videotaping her. At one point, she was even heard saying “oh you crazy, come back!”

It has been reported that there were previous complications before such accident took place. The maid wanted to quit her job, but her manager refused, and so, she locked her up in the house for two days. As a way of escape, she tried to make her way out of the window.

Fortunately, the maid had not died after the fall. She fractured one of her arms and has some injuries because of falling on a metal awning beneath.

The Kuwaiti Society for Human Rights are still in the process of investigation but have pointed out that the woman obviously had a duty to do.

The organisation added that the emirate’s penal code decreed that anyone who deliberately refrained from coming to the aid of a person in danger was liable to be sentenced to up to three months in prison.

All in all, such a horrific accident raised awareness about how one should always help those in need. There is no such thing as racial, economical or gender advantages. We are all equal, and so, it is crucial that we consider our actions before doing them.