Random Inquiries

Are we destined to a place far better than here? Or is it just our minds that’s trying to take a hand on the wheel?

So many times I think of what does the future holds for me. Will I still be home next winter or studying abroad in the cold?

We are constantly looking for change even in the smallest of things. Sometimes it doesn’t even occur to us that change has to come upon ourselves too.
Our minds give us the illusion that we need change to be able to taste the meaning of life. But if life wants to give us meaning, doesn’t it have to give us something that we want to keep forever rather than something we constantly want to change?

The question here is, can we guarantee something that’s constant in an inconstant series of events?
Can we even handle certainty when it was never given to us because everything we settle for gets snatched from between our own hands?

Life offers situations of divergence, but we’ll get caught up in wanting them to stay when we don’t have something to make them stay.
Change is the result of another act of change; therefore, when you start changing from within, you can find change around you.