Egyptian Rower Basma ElSheikh Just Became The First Egyptian to Ever Row 100 KM and We’re Proud

Just a couple of weeks ago we were celebrating the first two all- female crew Egyptian flights which were later followed by Farida Osman’s great achievement. And while you think that that’s it, Egyptian women come to surprise you even more.

Egyptian rower, Basma Mahmoud El Sheikh, just became the first rower –including both males and females- to ever row 100,000m on the ergometer –indoor rowing machine- in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. Basma rowed indoors for 7 hours and 56 minutes, she was live on Facebook showing the whole process of making history to everyone.

Basma who started rowing in sixth grade and has won multiple competitions is not only a fearless athlete, but she’s also a very good Economics TA who reached two huge milestones last night:

  • She won a challenge that only a very limited number of rowers could do worldwide.
  • She set an example to young ladies and showed us that there are no limits to your dreams.

Way to go Basma.. Egyptian ladies are on fire and that makes us so happy!


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