8 Rachel Green Items That you can Totally Pull Off this Summer

The 90’s generation has witnessed a lot! We’ve witnessed the time changing; from landlines to mobiles and from dial-up connections to Wi-Fi. We’ve also witnessed Rachel Green, the 90’s fashion queen, grow up with us. The good news is that this article is not about nostalgia; some fashion items that we remember from our childhood are coming back this year.  And because Rachel Green was the beauty and style icon of that time, we got 8 items from her closet that you can definitely wear this summer.

1-High-waist and mom jeans, bye-bye old boring ones


2-Crop tops are so in every year!


3-Denim dungarees. Yes, you can still wear that!



4-off-shoulder tops and blouses. It’s the season for them!


5-Baseball tee for a comfortable lazy day style



6-Plaid shirts, skirts, and everything tbh!


7- That mid-waist skirt is summer night goals!


8- Finally; denim, embroidered denim, patched denim, we do need more denim!


Long story short; the queen will never go out of fashion!

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