4 Questions I’ve been always asking myself, and tried to find the answers to

1- Would life be boring if we were always happy?
It’s a question I had always wanted to reach an answer for. I think that if we were happy all the time, we wouldn’t be humans, because we wouldn’t know the variety of feelings we have inside. We wouldn’t get to know the rush of blood from excitement when we embrace something shiny, we wouldn’t appreciate the value of many things around us, everything around us would be the same. I think the lows of life exist to appreciate the ups, it’s all much more like climbing a mountain: it takes all the energy, one’s breath gets shorter and shorter, but once the top is reached, we do forget about all the tiredness. The satisfaction that is got after standing here on the top, seeing the world from above, is how happiness can be defined. Or to be more clear, it’s how the road to it looks like.

2- Why do humans hate humans?
This might be the question that I will never find an answer for. And by “hate” I do not mean that “simple” kind of hate. Since the creation of the world, humans have been assuming that they’re superiors of each other, the societies have been divided into the so called “social pyramids”, which considered that the less important role you had in society, the less you were worth as a human, dead or alive. It has always been hard to find an answer for humans hating on each other based on their skin color, religion, beliefs, even financial status. It’s illogical that we are all “humans” of the same breed and there’s still this hate, that could even lead to wars and death. It’s sad, or makes me angry on a personal level, that even after all these wars, there are still some, when actually we’re living in a time where humanity “progressed”.
I guess it’s hard to find a logical reason for this, and maybe peace is just too expensive when it might be the simplest existing thing, and a satisfying answer will never be found…

3- Do we meet anyone by accident?
It would be a mess if we did meet people by accident. They just come and go, leaving a bright or dark mark. But why would it be a mess? It would be like that in some cases, when someone just covers your eyes with a black cloak and leaves, without earning a lesson, and it would be a suffering that can break your heart, your mind, or both. We do meet people for a reason, and we do gain from their presence. Life is a journey, and people are stops, each one of them should be leading you to the next one.

4- Why do some people (well, all of us) keep doing certain actions although we are not responsible enough sometimes?
The fact that we do actions when we are not responsible enough for them could lead to a chaos not only in our lives, but in the lives of others. And by those actions, I mean those moments when we say things we are not aware of their consequences. It’s saying words that hurt and might even influence someone’s self confidence negatively. If we’re not responsible enough of what we do, we’d better not act at all. Because those little and small gestures can abuse the mind of someone, and ruining someone’s life is not okay. It’s just not acceptable.