Terror Attack in London Leaving 4 Deaths and Injuries

Terrorism is not letting any of the world cities with safety. On the 22nd of March, London was threatened by a severe attack leaving the world in silence and killing more than 4 people, including the police officer and the attacker himself.

The incident took place outside The House of Parliament in Westminster, where a dark-coloured hatchback car and a knife were used as weapons for the terror attack. The attacker drove the car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing two people, before crashing it outside parliament and trying to enter the buliding, armed with a knife. The English Police says 29 other people are being treated in hospital, seven of whom are in a critical condition.

The attacker is believed to have acted alone but the police are still investigating the possibilities of whether any associates were in the picture. Police have arrested 6 suspects, and the  investigation is never stopping. Later, ISIS claimed their responsibility for the attacking releasing a statement through Amaq news, callinv the attacker “a soldier of ISIS”.

The reason why violence occurs remains unknown. However, it’s clear that incidents are happening everywhere despite the differences each time. The world is becoming a scary place, but we’re only praying for peace for the whole world.