Why Small Pleasures Are a Big Deal

We’re surrounded by an idea of the things that makes us happy. We tend to think that in order to deliver satisfaction, we need to aim for pleasures that are rare. We think that if something is ordinary, cheap, or available, then it must be mediocre, dull, or uninspiring. We think that in order for something to be unique, it must be hard to find or exotic and only then, it will delight us more.

We want things to be famous or expensive to be more interesting. We think that a person who travelle to another country, must have enjoyed more than someone who went for a picnic on his bike for fresh air. Or that a meal at a restaurant must be more satisfying than a sandwich made at home.

These ideas are not entirely wrong, but they’re driven by an un-appreciation to all the small pleasures which are in fact, not small. Like crumbling in bed after a very tiring day, the smell of new books, a hot shower, a warm cup of hot chocolate, a day spent with a loved one, looking at the stars in a lovely, chilly night, real conversations; and much more of what we think is ordinary or not really a big deal, can sometimes be a great deal; if we truly grasped the pleasure they deliver. So when all else fails and fades, small pleasures remain.