On the verge of adulthood


From the moment we’re born, we’re driven to take a certain path in life; a path chosen for us. Which is – in my opinion – not so bad at all! We were worry free, we didn’t have to think of anything. All we had to do was say yes and keep moving forward. We were young and we had absolute faith in the choices our parents made for us. The schools we went to, the clothes we wore, the food we ate…everything! We always thought their choices for us and their personal life choices came easy to them because naturally, they were adults! But after those care-free years pass by and you’re actually on the verge of adulthood, it suddenly doesn’t seem so easy anymore. When you’re finally graduating college with your whole life ahead of you, that’s when you’re faced with your first and possibly hardest life choice of all and that is deciding what your next step is going to be. You’re in your early twenties standing at a crossroad. The problem is you have no idea what lies at the end of each path and that scares the crap out of you! That’s when you start to miss the time when all your choices were made for you…

I believe your very first choice as an adult defines your entire adult life. The problem is when you ask people around you about what they want to do for the rest of their lives, they rarely seem to have a definite answer to that question. They have all kinds of different scenarios going on in their heads. When I think about what I want to do for the rest of my life, the first thing that comes to mind is to be different! My biggest fear is becoming like everyone else. There’s nothing wrong with working 8 hours a day for some company, going home to your wife and kids and waking up the next day to do the exact same thing. It’s the safe choice for a life. It means you never took a chance on anything, you always played it safe. It’s a comfortable yet not so satisfying life. The problem is that when you’re 50 years old, making god knows how much money working for that same company, you’ll still feel like something is missing! You’ll think about all the times you had the chance to jump but didn’t! Would it have made a difference? Would I have ended up where I am today?

So, let’s go back to that post-graduation crossroad…

You can either play it safe, choose mediocrity, or you can jump! Take a leap of faith and pick something different just so that you don’t wake up one day feeling the slightest bit of regret. Everyone that never took a chance before let the fear get the best of them. They had the same dreams, they also wanted to be different but they decided to settle for what’s right in front of them. They wanted to do things, go places and be totally different people but when it came down to actually making the hard choice, taking the road less travelled instead…They were just too scared.