Here are the 5 things that we’ll miss from The Vampire Diaries

After 171 episodes and 8 seasons, The Vampire Diaries came to an end. The show that captured our hearts from the very beginning. From witches and doppelgangers to the devil himself, the show that aired its first episode back at 2009 never failed at delivering mixed emotions that varied from Romance and drama to thriller.
The last episode titled “I was Feeling Epic” aired last Friday and IT WAS EPIC and heartbreaking at the same time as all the characters who’ve been on the show came back for a final goodbye. But the most devastating blow came when Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) decided to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save a future for his brother with the love of his love. At the end all the characters have found peace and Stefan finally got his redemption.
So, here’s our tribute to all the things we’ll miss now that the show has come to an end.

1)The Salvatore Brothers
The relationship between Damon and Stefan that has evolved through the series has been the most interesting thing about this show as “Family Comes First”.
2) The true meaning of Friendship

One of the pillars that The Vampire Diaries is built on is friendship and what it really means to have friends that can be considered a family that you’ll sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of theirs.


3) The amazing soundtrack

We can’t forget how amazing the show’s sound track is and how it’s one of the reasons that helped the show to grow that big.
Do not deny that you’ve found some good tunes thanks to the show.

4) The Villains

The villains as Kai Parker, Kol Mikaelson and Klaus Mikaelson are a big deal in this show and they are a bit different from other villains because you can’t help but like LOVE them, however, they made everyone’s life in Mystic Falls a complete disaster.


5) The Mystic Falls Annual Events

Mystic Falls had so many seasonal events. Founder’s day celebration, Miss Mystic Falls and carnival added charm to the mysterious town and we hate saying goodbye to that!Miss-Mystic-Falls